Monday, December 4, 2023

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6 signs indicating you need to start taking care of your mental health today

As the conversation around mental health is evolving day by day, people are recognising mental health as a serious issue. However, it’s still a long battle against taboo and unawareness when it comes to Mental health in our very own society, which still views mental health as a trivial issue exaggerated by privileged people. This unhealthy stereotyping has led to forming prejudices and casual attitudes in many when it comes to mental health issues. 

That’s why, here are 6 signs that you should not ignore, as these can be an indicator that you need to start taking care of your mental health seriously:-

Extreme Mood changes

Having a good day or a bad day is normal. However, if you constantly feel extreme emotions- like anger, sadness, emotional outburst, etc, on trivial issues of daily life, then it is an indication that you are mentally going through a rough phase.

Low energy or fatigue

An unhealthy state of mind may lead to constant fatigue as you may not have done much physical or mental labour, but even doing small things of daily life seems like a challenge leaving you tired, annoyed and lazy. This is not normal, it is a sign that mentally you are exhausted to a point of ‘normal rejuvenation’ which you feel usually after a good night sleep. 

Excessive worrying or fear

Disturbed mental health can pose difficult challenges to any person. The negative emotion tends to increase, leading to overthinking and extremely worriedness. This is not just usual overthinking, it may start from pine and grow up to existential crises in mere seconds in your mind. This can be a sign of unstable mental health, indicating you need to seek help now.

Trouble sleeping

If one is not in a good mental state, it also hampers with their sleep cycle. If you start experiencing, insomnia or excessive sleepiness, both indicate that your mind is not in a stable, peaceful state.

Change in eating habits

Loss of Appetite or binge eating comfort food can also be an indication of mental health degradation. This may also lead to severe eating disorders such as bulimia. Therefore having a healthy eating cycle is as important as eating healthy.  

Loss of interest in hobbies or work

Having gloomy, sad days are natural and It’s completely fine to feel negative emotions once in a while. However, when you start feeling gloomy every day, you also start feeling disinterested in the things you use to enjoy. Like if you liked swimming, painting or cooking earlier, but now it feels like a heavy burden or chore, you should take it as an indication that something is not ok with your mental health and you need to divert more time towards self-care. 

Mental health is not a trivial issue that you can suppress or ignore. Before your mental health turns into a severe disorder, you should try to bring your life back on track, and prioritise your mental health over every other thing.

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