Monday, December 4, 2023

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PM gives 6 pointer solution for agricultural development

On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi conducted a webinar on the implementation of the Union budget on “Smart Agriculture.”

PM claimed that this years union budget will a major boost to the agrarian sector. From the modernisation of agriculture to the promotion of natural farming, the centre will give special focus to agricultural waste management.

Here are those 6 pointers that PM suggested for agricultural development:

  1. Natural farming near banks of Ganga: He suggested that natural farming must be promoted near Ganga river. “On the banks of the ganga river, natural farming within the ambit of five kilometres should be promoted in a mission mode,” he said.
  2. Modern technology: PM announced that modern technology in agriculture and horticulture will be made available to the farmers.
  3. Gati-Shakti Plan to boost agricultural logistics: PM claimed that transportation of agricultural products will get a boost with new logistics arrangements through the PM Gati-Shakti Plan. “Emphasis has been laid on empowering ‘mission oil palm’ to reduce the import of edible oil,” he said.
  4. Agri-waste management: A better agri-waste management plan will further increase farmers income. “A solution in the budget calls for better agri-waste management. It will translate into better incomes for farmers by means of the promotion of waste to energy,” said.
  5. Facilitating Post offices to work as regualr abnk: More than one and a half lakh post offices of the country will get facilities like regular banking so that farmers do not face any problem.
  6. Skill development courses in agricultural research: Skill development and human resource development in the syllabus related to agri-research and education will be changed according to the requirements of the modern times, he claimed.

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