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Binge Alert: 5 reasons why you should not miss All Of Us Are Dead

After the raging worldwide success of Squid Games, another Kdrama is trending on 1st number on Netflix, worldwide. All Of Us Are Dead is a coming of age, horror zombie drama by Lee Jae-Kyoo and Kim Nam-Su.

This 12 episode drama has, Park Solomon, Cho Yi‑Hyun Park Ji‑hoo and Chan‑Young Yoon as the main character. The story revolves around the outbreak of a virus which turns a whole town into zombie land, and how few students from Hyosan High try to survive this apocalypse.

So here are 5 reasons why you should not miss All Of Us Are Dead:

All about Zombies: This no-nonsense, gory drama will immediately take you into the apocalyptic world of zombies without any unnecessary plot building which viewers will enjoy. As the Kdramas are infamous for being overdramatic and Chessy-romantic serials, this one will straightly teleport you to Zombie land from the first episode.

Brilliant Shot composition: One of the biggest USP of the show is that it will keep you on the edge of your seat from the very beginning. Director Lee Jae- Kyoo and Kim Nam-Su did a brilliant job with the direction of the series. In particular, when the apocalypse break in the school, there is a one-take shot of zombie students attacking others and the whole school is in the mayhem. This one-take shot is directed so brilliantly that it will leave you breathless by the end of the sense as so many things are happening simultaneously. Along with this, there are long chasing shots between zombies and humans which will definitely keep you on the edge throughout the series.

Great Starcast: This ambitious project is shot on a very large scale, and nowhere in the show you will feel the performances are exaggerated or unbelievable. A special mention to Yoo In-soo as Yoon Gwi-Nam (the antagonist) and Kim Byung-Chul as Lee Byeong-chan (science teacher). These two characters will surely leave an impact on you, where on one hand Gwi-Nam is an irritating villain who refuses to die, while on the other hand, Byeong-chan is an anti-hero who will make you rethink humanity and its meaning in this world.

Unapologetically Gory: This series has some unapologetically gory sequences. Zombies tearing each other, scattered human limbs, intestines coming out of living people and quite realistic scary makeup. if you love all this you are in for a ride.

Engaging subplots and characters: Each character has given a significant amount of arch, which will invest you into their world without taking some much of your time into plot building. There are subplots of Bulling, Romance, Bromance, Friendship, Parental love, etc, but none of this will overshadow the main plot at any given point. You were promised a gory zombie drama and you will get one without any distractions but enough space to breathe in between with quirky bro-mance and soothing friendship scene. 

This series is available in Hindi as well as in the English dub. The viewers and fans of the show are already demanding and speculating conspiracy theories of season 2. So check out this amazing blend of survival drama with kids.

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