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Centre’s Ban On Import Of Toys From China Increased Our Profits, Say Channapatna Toy Makers

Ramanagara (Karnataka) [India]: Appreciating Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to ban import of toys from China, Channapatna’s toy makers say that the government’s move has helped in increasing their profits.

Channapattana, a city and taluk headquarter in the Ramanagara district of Karnataka, just 500 metres away from the gleaming Bangalore-Mysore Highway, is a paradise for handmade lacquer wooden toys for kids.

Although these wooden toys are inanimate, they definitely bring happiness to the faces of children. And when it comes to their price, it’s interesting that these are available only for Rs 50, Rs 100, Rs 150 and Rs 200.

For centuries, the toy industry of Channapatna has provided large-scale employment to the people living here.

Channapatna’s toy makers had a difficult time running their business.
Toy makers however said that their profits increased after the government banned the import of toys from China.

Toy makers, Mohammad Aadil and Mohammad Aarif said that the ban on the import of Chinese toys has helped them generate more profits.

“The demand for Channapatna’s toys increased after the government imposed a ban on the import of toys from China. We are earning good profits,” Arif said while speaking to ANI.

Adil and Arif are the third generation of their family indulged in toy-making work.
Apart from earning money, the artisans are emotionally attached to toy-making work.

Mohammad Arif was working in Dubai-Qatar for nine years and was missing his country India. He returned to India leaving his job in Dubai and Qatar to continue his traditional – ancestral work in Channapattana.

“The government’s decision gave me the confidence to come back to India and run my own family’s business here. I will not go back to Dubai-Qatar,” said Arif.

Adil mentioned that there is a need to promote Channapatna’s toys through branding and promotion. People here need modern machines and special training to produce toys at a larger scale with more profit.

“The government should support Channapatna’s toy makers in promoting their business, as well as in branding and e-marketing at the global level. We also need modern machines to produce toys at a larger scale, and artisans need special training to earn more profit,” said Aadil.

Adil further highlighted the profits made in the Dussehra festival celebrated at Channapatna, also known as Gombe Habba.

“The 10-day Dussehra festival, also known as Gombe Habba or Gudiya Utsav, is special for the toy makers of Channapatna as a large number of buyers come to buy the toys. The festival helps toymakers to earn more profits,” he said.

He also added that the toymakers at Channapatna are appealing to the government to promote the sale of toys online and appreciated the Toy Festival which helped him in boosting sales.

“We appeal to the government to promote the sale of toys online. The government had organised a Toy Festival a few years back which helped in boosting the sales,” said Aadil.
Adil also expressed concern over the loss caused to the toy business due to the construction of the Bangalore Mysore National Highway.

He said, “Earlier people used to travel from Bangalore to Mysore and vice versa via Channapatna but now due to the construction of the National Highway the movement of people through Channapatna is decreased, affecting the business of toys in the area.”

He further appreciated campaigns such as Make in India and Local for Vocal led by PM Modi.

“PM mentioned the beautiful toys of Chinnapatna in his Mann Ki Baat program, due to which people’s attention was drawn towards us leading to the increase in the sale of toys here,” he added.

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