Monday, October 2, 2023

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‘Evil Dead Rise’ Director Lee Cronin Reveals Ideas For Potential Sequel

Washington [US]: Director Lee Cronin loves what he does and this is the reason he can’t keep calm regarding the sequel of popular horror franchise ‘Evil Dead Rise’. He recently disclosed the ideas he has for the future of the franchise.

According to Variety, a US-based media house, when asked about his ideas for the sequel Cronin said, “I certainly do. I didn’t want to bait it for sequels necessarily, even though the ending could be interpreted that way. But the ending for me was closing the loop back to the beginning. The way the story is told, I’ve got four places I’d like to look at in terms of where to go… I’m excited for the potential of what could be next and really hope that I can be involved in future chapters.”

Lee revealed the ideas that may consist of the story behind the Book of the Dead. “We have history in this film and that’s presented through the vinyl. So there’s a story to be told there. It’s not by accident,” Cronin said.

Another idea is about Beth taking her chainsaw on the road “Somebody that survives picks up the chainsaw at the end and where they might go,” explained Lee.

“There’s also the aftermath in this building and who encounters that? And I’ve often thought, ‘What happens when the cleanup crew shows up?” added Cornin for his apartment building idea.

As per the report by Variety Lee was excited about the last idea he pitched which was about back to the woods he narrated “Because of the opening and the closing, there’s that continuation of how this evil has a gate. That brings us back into that forest context, which excites me because I love that I broke the mold, but wouldn’t it be fun now if I went back to the cabin in the woods. It could be a cool journey.”

‘Evil Dead Rise’ is out in theatres now.

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