Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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Lucky Ali Apologises For His Controversial ‘Brahman Are A Lineage Of Ibrahim’ Remark

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Singer Lucky Ali has apologised for his ‘Brahmins are a lineage of Ibrahim’ post after facing backlash from the community.

Lucky recently shared a religious note on his Facebook account which didn’t go well with some people. Even though the post is no longer available, it attracted a lot of flak for Ali.

The deleted post read, “Brahmins are a lineage of Ibrahim. The name ‘Brahman’ comes from ‘Brahma’ which comes from ‘Abram’ .. which comes from Abraham or Ibrahim.. The Brahmans are a lineage of Ibrahim. Alaihisalam… The Father of all Nations … so whys everyone just arguing and fighting without reasoning amongst themselves?”

The post hurt the sentiments of several people especially those belonging to the Hindu community. Lucky Ali later justified the deleted post by mentioning that he did that to bring the communities closer and not to make anyone angry.

In an apology on Tuesday, the ‘Safarnama’ singer wrote on Facebook, “Dear Everyone, I realise the controversy of my last post. My intentions were not to cause distress or anger amongst anyone and I deeply regret that.” The singer added, “My intentions, instead, were to bring us all closer together… but I realise how it didn’t come out in the way that I meant it. I will be more aware of what I am posting and of my phrasing as I see now that it has upset many of my Hindu brothers and sisters. For that I am deeply sorry. I Love you all…” https://www.facebook.com/officialluckyali/posts/801071764713716

The singer is known for songs like ‘Kitni Haseen Zindagi’ ‘Khuda Hafiz’ and ‘Hairat’.

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