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Watch Trailer: Radhika Apte In Spy Comedy ‘Mrs Undercover’

Mumbai: Actress Radhika Apte will be seen in a different role in a new film titled ‘Mrs Undercover’. The film is touted as a spy comedy. On Thursday, the makers unveiled the trailer that left netizens in splits.

Directed and written by Anushree Mehta, ‘Mrs Undercover’ also stars Sumeet Vyas, Rajesh Sharma and Saheb Chatterjee in pivotal roles.

As seen in the trailer, Durga (played by Radhika Apte) is a clumsy housewife who moonlights as a spy in this hilarious film. Recruited by the Special Force, she is called back on the job after 10 years. However, in these 10 years, she has forgotten all about being an undercover agent as she dedicated all her time to being ‘just’ a housewife, taking care of her mother-in-law, father-in-law, son and demanding patriarchal husband.

In fact, when her husband (Saheb Chatterjee) is asked about what she does, he replies that she doesn’t do anything and that she is just a housewife. Via Durga’s character, the movie conveys an important message and ends with a realization that a housewife is a superwoman in the truest of senses and is never ‘just’ a housewife as she efficiently multi-tasks her various responsibilities while fighting off the patriarchal norms that are deeply rooted in Indian society.

Sharing her experience working in the film, Radhika said, “For me Mrs Undercover is special for many reasons. Not only spy comedy is an unexplored genre in India, but in my very first narration of this film I fell for my character of Durga. Durga is funny, kind, sincere, she is also clumsy and unsure of herself, and this film is her journey of discovering her own strength. Every household has a Durga- a woman who quietly goes about her work and doesn’t get her due because she is considered ‘just’ a housewife. However, this film fights that mentality which prevails in our patriarchal society, and it’s done beautifully under the guise of humour.”

Sumeet said, “The way the storyline of Mrs Undercover is crafted and shaped is unprecedented in Indian cinema – a unique spy comedy which is written and directed by a female and fronted by Radhika Apte. The film showcases the strength, courage, and resilience of a housewife who is always undermined. Mrs Undercover is a complete package that packs a punch with all the elements that make for a great story. Amidst the clutter of genres and stories, I am glad that the team thought of this empowering narrative and offered me this grey character which was fun and exciting to play. Lastly, I am happy to associate with ZEE5 once again.”

‘Mrs Undercover’ is all set to premiere exclusively on ZEE5 on April 14.

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