Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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Greece: 2 Pakistanis Arrested For Plotting Terrorist Attack At Jewish Restaurant

Athens [Greece]: Greek authorities foiled a terrorist attack against Jewish and Israeli targets in the country and arrested two Pakistanis over an alleged plot, The Wall Street Journal reported citing officials.

The Greek police anti-terrorist division and the country’s intelligence services dismantled a terrorist network. According to Greek police, the terrorist network was planning attacks in Greece and aimed “to cause the loss of life of innocent citizens but also to undermine the sense of security in the country,” as per The Wall Street Journal report.

Greek police said two foreigners were arrested and that the target was of “high symbolism.” Greece’s Public Order Minister Takis Theodorikakos identified the two foreigners as Pakistanis, according to the news report.

Theodorikakos further said that the mastermind behind the operation was a Pakistani residing in Iran. A person familiar with the probe revealed that the target was a Jewish restaurant.

According to Greek police, the members of the network had chosen the target of the alleged plot, had planned it and received instructions. The Greek police said that the network was looking to recruit more people for executing their mission. An investigation regarding the matter is being carried out.

Israeli intelligence service Mossad helped Greek authorities in discovering the alleged terror network and identified the link to Iran, The Wall Street Journal reported citing the statement from the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office.

The statement reads, “The investigation revealed that the infrastructure that operated in Greece is part of an extensive Iranian network run from Iran and spanning many countries,” as per the news report.

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen took to his official Twitter handle to thank the Greek government and intelligence for thwarting the terrorist attack against the Jewish and Israeli terrorists.
He tweeted, “I want to thank the Greek government and the Greek intelligence and security services for thwarting the terrorist attack against Jewish and Israeli targets. Terrorism is a common enemy, and the fight against it is our top priority.”

In another tweet, Cohen wrote, “The government of the Ayatollahs in Tehran exports terrorism to the Middle East and the entire world, and only with a firm and joint stand will we be able to stop the terrorist activities of the Iranian regime.”

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