Monday, December 4, 2023

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USD 32 million worth Humanitarian aid reaches Afghanistan

Kabul [Afghanistan]: Another USD 32 million of humanitarian aid sent by the United Nations reached Kabul and will be delivered to the Afghanistan International Bank (AIB).

This is the 17th humanitarian aid package that reached Kabul, according to the Da Afghanistan Bank, the central bank of Afghanistan. Da Afghanistan Bank appreciated the assistance of the international community and calls on the countries of the world to cooperate with Afghanistan in providing the necessary banking facilities.

In January this year, the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres had called on the international community to quickly provide assistance to the central bank of Afghanistan and do more to inject liquidity in the country’s economy to avoid a collapse in 2022.

Nearly 23 million people, or 55 per cent of the Afghan population, are estimated to be in crisis or experiencing emergency levels of food insecurity in the month of March in 2022.

Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) expresses concern about “conditional humanitarianism” or attempts to “leverage” humanitarian assistance for political purposes.

A combination of a suspension of foreign aid, the freezing of Afghan government assets, and international sanctions on the Taliban have plunged the country, already suffering from high poverty levels, into a full-blown economic crisis. 

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