Monday, September 25, 2023

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Ukraine Crisis; Lviv covers all statues in city from possible attacks

Lviv [Ukraine]: Amid escalating conflict between Ukraine and Russia, the Ukrainian city of Lviv has covered all its statues to protect its historical heritage against possible attacks.

Speaking on the matter a Ukrainian citizen Vlad said, “All the sculptures, statues have historical value and that’s why people want to protect them. Some sculptors are more than 100 years old. They have historical importance hence people are protecting them from the damage.”

“It’s better to protect them before something happens to them,” added Vlad.
When asked whether Ukraine is covering all the statues across the nation, Vlad said, “I don’t know about whole Ukraine, but definitely, Lviv is protecting them.”

All the statues in the city of Lviv have been covered so that if there is an attack then there will be no damage to the historical statues and heritage.

Four statues around Rynok square in Lviv were covered, including the “Statue of Neptune” considered as the protector of seas.

He also shared his experience regarding the escape from Kyiv. He said, “I came yesterday from Kyiv, I had to pass my family through the borders and then I came back to Kyiv. The situation in Kyiv is complicated, it’s a battlefield, fortunately, Kyiv is still protected.”

When asked about the shortage of gas supply and food supplies, Vlad said, ” They (Russians) are targeting civilian residential complexes and it’s pretty dangerous around Kyiv. Yes, there is a shortage of gas supply, but we are getting food supplies.”
Sharing his train journey from Kyiv to Lviv, Vlad said, “I came to Lviv by train and now it’s safe and pretty fast. You board the train in the evening in Kyiv and in the morning, you are in Lviv. Also, there is no rush for the trains.”

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