Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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Biden calls Putin ‘a Russian dictator’; Russia more isolated than ever

US President Joe Biden branded his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin a “dictator” during his State of the Union address Tuesday, one week after Moscow invaded Ukraine.

“A Russian dictator, invading a foreign country, has costs around the world,” Biden told Congress.

But “in the battle between democracy and autocracy, democracies are rising to the moment, and the world is clearly choosing the side of peace and security,” he said.

The world has “isolated” Vladimir Putin for sending Russian forces pouring into Ukraine, US President Joe Biden said Tuesday, vowing that devastating sanctions would “sap” Russia’s economic strength and weaken its military.

“Putin is now isolated from the world more than he has ever been,” Biden told members of Congress in his first State of the Union address, adding “he has no idea what’s coming” in terms of economic penalties and punishment.

The American president also took aim at Russian oligarchs and “corrupt leaders” who he said have bilked billions of dollars off Putin’s regime, warning them “We’re coming for your ill-begotten gains.”

Biden said, “US forces will not engage in the conflict with Russian forces in Ukraine… Putin may circle Kyiv with tanks but he’ll never gain the hearts and souls of the Ukrainian people, and he will never weaken the resolve of the free world.”

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