Monday, October 2, 2023

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Ukraine sailor tries to sink Russian boss’s luxury yacht

A Ukrainian sailor accused of trying to sink an $8 million luxury yacht belonging to his Russian boss said he did it as revenge for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and had no regrets.

55-year-old Taras Ostapchuk, worked on the yacht as an engineer for 10 years.

After watching images of death and destruction on television by Russia, he vowed to avenge the war by attempting to sink the yacht, according to a report filed by the local paper Ultima Hora.

The Lady Anastasia is a 156-foot yacht that belongs to Alexander Mijeev, the CEO of Rosoboronexport. The company exports Russian defence products like weapons, ships, tanks and fighting vehicles.

The boat was anchored in Port Adriano, a super-yacht port in Mallorca, Spain. Taras Ostapchuk reportedly opened valves in the engine room of the vessel in an attempt to flood it and then asked his coworkers to abandon the ship.

He was arrested by Spain’s Civil Guard on Saturday and was later released on bail. After being released, Mr Ostapchuk has left Spain for his home country, where he intends to join the fight against Russia. 

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