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Foodgrain production to register high records in 2021-22: Govt.

According to the new data available on the website of the Agricultural Ministry, the country is all set to register a record-breaking foodgrain production for the year 2021-22.

While expressing his gratitude towards the farmers,  Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said, “it is a result of hard work of farmers, efficient research of scientists and farmer-friendly policies of the Government.”

He further informed the public, “Total production of Sugarcane in the country during 2021-22is estimated at 414.04 million tonnes which is higher by 40.59million tonnes than the average sugarcane production of 373.46 million tonnes.”

About the production of cotton and jute, he said, “Production of Cotton is estimated at 34.06 million bales (each of 170 kg) is higher by 1.12 million bales than the average cotton production of 32.95 million bales. Production of Jute & Mesta is estimated at 9.57 million bales (each of 180 kg).”

The estimated foodgrains production for the agricultural year 2021-22 (July-June) is 1.71% higher than 310.74 million tonnes recorded in 2020-21.

FoodgrainPrevious year productionEstimated productionIncrement in %
Wheat109.59 million tonnes111.32 million tonnes1.58%
Rice (Kharif and rabi both)124.37 million tonnes127.93 million tonnes2.86%
9 oilseeds–groundnut, castor seed, sesamum, nigerseed, soybean, sunflower, rapeseed & mustard, linseed and safflower359.46 million tonnes371.47 million tonnes3.34%
Rabi oilseed122.24 million tonnes133.32 million tonnes 9.06%
Rapeseed & Mustard102.10 million tonnes114.59 million tonnes12.24%
Pulses25.46 million tonnes26.96 million tonnes5.87%

The production of Oilseeds especially Rapeseed and Mustard is estimated to have increased production this year. It is again being viewed as good news because of the skyrocketing price of daily use cooking oil which has been a matter of frustration in the middle-class household. The average retail prices of these six edible oils are higher in the range of 10.34% to 30.49% when compared to the prices a year ago.

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