Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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China imposes new regulations on the domestic TV industry

According to the Global Times, China has set new restrictions on the domestic television business, stating that performers’ total payment must not surpass 40% of a show’s production cost, and principal performers’ payment must not exceed 70% of the performers’ total pay.

On Friday, China’s state administration of Radio and Television came forward with a development plan of TV dramas, yin-yang contracts (a contract that conceals the real payment of stars), opposing sky-high remuneration and market monopoly. This plan urges TV dramas to strengthen overseas influence which will be useful in serving diplomatic and foreign propaganda work.

The regulators will continue to improve the market environment and establish a whole-process oversight mechanism to keep a tab on illegal contracts. According to the strategy, it is important to improve TV drama cost management and accounting, as well as regulate the order of income distribution, which includes actor compensation.

The regulations highlight that illegal and immoral artists are barred from starring in TV dramas and that the industry’s brokers and brokerage businesses must be regulated, as well as industry-wide penalties for those who break the law.

The development aim of Chinese TV dramas is to focus on the vision of China being a cultural power by 2035. The design of TV dramas should be driven by Xi Jinping’s vision of socialist capitalism with Chinese features in a new age. The most important thing is to start producing works that honour the homeland and heroes, as well as using television programmes to portray the tale of the Chinese Communist Party’s rule over the country.

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