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Winter breakfast meals to keep you warm and high on energy

What better to get yourself energised on lazy winter mornings than a platter of warm and comforting breakfast. So, here we list winter morning meals that will keep you warm and healthy. These breakfast foods are not only low in calories but also loaded with nutrition which will get you going for the day.

Fruits are some of the natural boons to fight the cold and keep you healthy. Some seasonal ones like kiwis, plums, papaya, pomegranate and more work wonder to keep you warm. Loaded with the goodness of vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin A and various anti-oxidants, fruits, including bananas, coconut, apples, are rich in fibre too. They can be had in breakfast as sides or smoothies and can help in regulating the temperature of your body in regards to the cold weather.

Spinach Paratha
Palak, as it is fondly called in India, Spinach is one of the premium winter delicacies, especially for the ones in the North. You can add it with the king of Indian breakfast table, the parathas — it’s a win-win for the ones who crave some flavour early morning. Spinach is healthy green rich in iron and other nutrients, which is very beneficial during this season. So, just in case you want to give your tastebuds some adventure, add up some spice in the form of aachar (pickle) or hari mirch (green chillies). You can even serve the spinach paratha with a dash of unsalted butter.

Egg whites
Eggs whites are a versatile enjoyed by everyone globally. People have different methods to cook eggs depending on the demographics and the weather. Eggs are rich in multiple nutrients, making them extremely healthy, especially during chilly weather. They contain zinc that helps keep winter issues such as flu or cold at bay. Apart from zinc, eggs are stuffed with vitamin D that keeps your immunity strong and protects you from infections.

French toast
Who doesn’t love slices of bread soaked in eggs and dipped in syrups? However, keeping aside the calorie factor, French toast can be an excellent morning meal to begin your day with during winters. It is rich in carbs that help keep your body energised and warm. But, if you’re still worried about those extra inches on your waistline, then just swap the usual fatty ingredients like cream with almond milk. You can even go for healthier options in breads and toppings.

Originated from America, this delicacy includes tasteful fluffy stacks that help you keep warm. These are usually served with maple syrup and fruits, but as much as pancakes are rich in flavour, they’re also rich in fats. So, if you want your meal to be healthy, just cut down on the extra sugar and rather opt for healthier ingredients. For example, choose whole-grain pancakes over the usual ones and reduce or avoid adding maple syrup.

Oatmeal with nuts
Nothing’s better than having dry fruits in winters to keep your body warm. And a bowl of oatmeal with nuts can give you a good kickstart for the day as well. Dry fruits are power-packed with a combo of proteins, vitamins, dietary fibre and minerals, which are extremely healthy for your body. Talking about prepping oatmeal, it can be cooked with multiple variations. You can add sweet potato puree or have one with almond milk, dates, etc.

So people, what are you waiting for? Rush to stock your pantries now.

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